About Aqua NAIO™

Immersed in the life sustaining properties of water, Aqua NAIO sessions support relaxation and an internal sense of fluidity.

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Aqua NAIO™ Session

Moving with the waters of life

Aqua NAIO™ is a form of aquatic holistic awareness and somatic education. Sessions use the nurturing properties of water to reduce the effects of gravity on the body through buoyancy and weightlessness. The water and practitioner create immersive environment that supports relaxation and connection to an internal sense of fluidity. The Aqua NAIO practitioner uses gentle-touch and attuned presence for support during the session. People often feel an over all sense of harmony and well-being from the encounter.


Aqua NAIO™ Practitioner Training

Moving with the waters of life

The Aqua NAIO™ Practitioner Training Program is a 110-hours of education in the application of NAIO™ for water-immersed facilitation. NAIO Practitioners or NAIO Training Program Trainees once half-way through their program can apply.

Aqua NAIO™ Training Retreats are held in various locations that supply warm tranquil waters. On completion trainees can become Aqua NAIO™ Practitioners.

Aqua NAIO™ Practitioner Training Program

100-hours including a 5-day Water Immersion Retreat

Culminating in certification as an Aqua NAIO™ Practitioner

Asynchronous Online

25-hours of tutorials outlining the application of water-based facilitation and ensuring safety.

Synchronous Online

25-hours of in-person presentations and discussions about practitioner skills, benefits of water and supporting various client needs.

5-Day In-Person Retreat

A dive into Aqua NAIO with water-based sessions that develop practitioner resonance and confidence in the water as well as practitioner skills.

Personal & Group Salon

A 2-hour private mentoring and Aqua NAIO™ Session. There is also a 3-hour group salon to consolidate practitioner learning experiences with each other.

NAIO International is a member of the following organizations

The NAIO Practitioner Training program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Graduates of the NAIO Practitioner Training Program meet all requirements to become a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) and Therapist (RSMT).