Message from NAIO Founder Prue Jeffries


The Flow of life

I have always been an explorer. Yet, I feel the essence of NAIO™ found me. 

There are many dimensions to being human, and many ways to be with the process called life. I founded NAIO International and developed a practitioner training program as I feel there is a need for it. The strength of NAIO is the recognition of our bodies as a seamless whole - sensing, experiencing, perceiving itself and life as one interconnected ongoing dynamic process. In simple terms - 

Naio Founder and Naio International Director - Prue Jeffries MSME/T

"NAIO is the gardening of and tending to the movement of life force, it's expression as our corporeal, tangible form which

we call a body."

What if people participated in a modality, to explore and grow awareness of their bodies moving, changing sensate experience and life process? To be supported by a practitioner who collaborates as a guide and catalyst to listen and engage their bodies' generative capacities and in-dwelling, abiding wisdom in a gentle, informed and spacious way for well-being and personal growth?

Naio is a relational embodiment practice.

Practitioners are trained to develop their self-regulation and their own personal sensory capacities within themselves as the primary condition for being able to work with clients. They journey into evolutionary biology motifs, objective physiological processes, physics, latest neurobiology knowledge - including trauma approaches. They engage their own phenomenological and subjective lived experience, and learn how to support others. Meta-themes are explored, the imaginary and symbolic to support any transpersonal experiences that arise as a by-product of engaging the wisdom and movement of life inherent in our bodies.

I Dwell

People may seek Naio sessions who have injuries, pain, health or nervous system conditions, anxiety, exhaustion or impactful life events. The process is gentle enough for most conditions. In supporting the journey to better self-regulation through co-regulation, through growing sensory and self-awareness, and tending the resourcing movements of life within as a practice - the by-product could see resolution or support of such conditions.

"The primary focus of NAIO is supporting people to develop

a greater sense of connection and well-being. To fully inhabit themselves - to dwell in the overflowing fullness of life."

I have created a moving, alive vessel for the essence of Naio with the intention it can support and help many people.

With warm regards,

The founder of NAIO™, Prue Jeffries, MSME/T spent life in the water immersed in the natural world – as a surfer and water-person. From young, Prue kept alive her openness to creativity and the transpersonal. Her personal experiences inspired her to delve into existentialism, philosophy, phenomenology, metaphysics and more when young. As one of the world’s best professional surfers, she created an experiential and multi-field approach inspired by personal, mainstream, and holistic influences for wellness and performance. NAIO™ originated from her personal experiences and approach to supporting people informed by water, the body, and nature, and refined by ongoing studies and teaching in well-being approaches over the last 30 years.

The Development of NAIO

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Prue Jeffries Background

A pioneer and visionary of Women’s Surfing, she spent two decades traveling the world on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour, now known as the World Surf League

Prue Jeffries Curriculum Vitae

Peruse Prue Jeffries Curriculum Vitae for background, experience and influences. 

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The NAIO Practitioner Training program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Graduates of the NAIO Practitioner Training Program meet all requirements to become a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) and Therapist (RSMT).