NAIO International

Training Expectations & Conduct Policy


NAIO™ Practitioner Certification Training Program and Individual Modules are for professional credentialing and development, rather than personal process. It is expected that training participants have already developed a reasonable level of self-awareness, and are in a stable place within themselves as far as their health, including their psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects before considering applying for the program or a module. It is expected that everyone who enters the training seeks or has their own personal or professional support outside the program if they have a condition that needs this. 

The in-depth nature of the training, which includes the study of oneself, and lived experience through somatic practices that support interoception, proprioception, exteroception and kinesthetic senses, may bring what is unconscious to your conscious awareness. The providing

of a compassionate training space will promote personal evolution, growth, challenges, healing and perhaps psycho-emotional process for participants, which will be supported if needed. 

However, It is not the focus of the program to deliberately evoke this, or to treat the program as a process workshop. 

For the safety and the quality educational experience for all participants it is asked that the following considerations be followed:

It is expected that in the group we may be asked to share our personal experiences or states. This is a natural part of developing reflection, supporting and learning from each other. It is requested in honoring your own experience, to stay aware of time, space, pacing and some level of containment so the rest of the group can also have an opportunity to share. The practice of self-awareness and reflection which can also include other-awareness.

  1. If something very deep arises that needs added support please let a faculty member and/or peer know, who can inform faculty. Deeper or overwhelming processes are best handled one to one with the support of faculty members and not as a group process. The support of the faculty member may be to hold compassionate space, help you settle and re-regulate. They will not necessarily work with what is underlying. They will ask you to seek this support and work with a trusted therapist after the training.
  2. In a situation where someone feels very dis-regulated and is struggling with their emotions, and perhaps a life situation. They may be asked to take a break from the group or training, so that they can give themselves space to be with their process. Faculty members and training directors will be consulted and decide with the person the best approach.
  3. It is important for each trainee to inform faculty privately if they are not feeling well or are struggling with any material that has been brought to the surface. Together you will decide the best course of response to support your situation and also avoid disruption to the group. 
  4. Unfortunately there are times in training where some individuals become disruptive to the group and impact other peoples training experience. If a person seems to behave in ways that are disruptive, volatile, angry, aggressive or poorly towards trainees, faculty or location staff - they may be asked to leave the class, module or training. There will be no refund in these situations.



NAIO™ International expects students to follow a code of conduct while completing their study, whether a Module or a full practitioner training. The list below outlines the code of conduct that all training participants are expected to follow. “Trainees” refers to training participants who have enrolled to study the holistic awareness and somatic education process of NAIO™ conducted by Naio™ International.


Expectations for Trainees:

  • Attend their training in accordance with the Attendance Policy
  • Treat all trainees, educators and staff with courtesy and respect
  • Treat training property and any equipment with respect
  • Complete all home study, quizzes, projects and practicums as outlined before progressing to another module or training completion, do so by the required dates, or agree you may be asked to re-take a module to enter training.

Naio™ International training is a compassionate and non-violent space. The following will not be tolerated:

  • Disruptive or offensive classroom behavior; 
  • The bringing weapons of any kind (i.e. knives, guns) to a training; 
  • The bringing of any alcohol or any mood altering substances; 
  • The soliciting usage of alcohol or any mood altering substances with other participants during the training or for use outside the training.
  • Making inappropriate remarks concerning another trainee or educator’s ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation. 
  • Any other conduct which is determined to be detrimental or damaging to other trainees, educators, directors or staff or Naio™ International.

The following will result in immediate dismissal without a warning letter or probationary period, there will be no refund of money paid for the training:

  • Sexual assault of trainee, educator, director or staff member or any member of the public. 
  • Sexual violation or repeated innuendos towards a trainee, educator, director or staff member whether committed during the training location or off location. Or to other members of the public.
  • Physical assault or other violent acts committed on or off training locations against any trainee, educator, director or staff. Or to other members of the public.
  • Verbal abuse or threats to anyone
  • Vandalism of training location property
  • Defamatory comments or shaming about and towards fellow trainees, educators, directors or staff via social media
  • The sharing of training images or videos of a personal process nature on social media.
  • Bullying in-person during the training, outside training time towards other trainees, educators or staff, through emails and social media.
  • Theft
  • Violation of NAIO™ International’s Copyright, Trademark or Intellectual Property.

Affiliated and Collaborative Organizations

NAIO International is a member of the following organizations

Our program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Our graduates meet all requirements to become Registered Somatic Movement Educators (RSME) and Therapist (RSMT).