Naio International Policies

Naio International sets policies for the training program and the professional practice of Naio™ worldwide.

Naio Practitioner Guild members agree to abide by the policies set out in the Scope of Practice and

the Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice. Naio Practitioner Guild Membership is based on agreement

to know and follow all policies set forth by Naio International.

The policies set forth may be in addition to any professional membership organizations Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

that Naio International is a member of, and whose training program is recognized for membership.

The policies set forth are a supplement and not a replacement for following various localities statutes and laws.

The following of local, state and national laws, and any professional membership organizations Code of Ethics

and Standards of Practice that a Naio Practitioner or Educator interfaces with, is required by Naio International

for membership or continued membership in the Naio Practitioner Guild.

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