NAIO Principal Themes

The process of life is an ongoing cosmic story and adventure.

As a holistic process - principal themes in NAIO™ represent the unity of life.

The themes are not an ideology. The are representations of a deeper Reality that is beyond our comprehension. A map to orient transpersonal experiences.

Meta-Themes emerge in different cultural, symbolic and language expressions.

Meta Themes


The unknown and unknowable. The Source or potent Ground. The primordial state from which all emerges.


The eternal intent and order within the changing flow of existence. The abiding within the flux. The Matrix, that permeates Dynamic Wholeness and all things.

The Open Order.


Everything is moving. Everything flows. Existence is a constant state of flux and change. The whole is always flowing.


The creative impulse and essential cosmic force of harmony and unity. The cohesion, connection and relationship that holds the Cosmos together.


The Plenum the vast substrate of creation. Dynamic Wholeness. The fullness of life. Always was and always will be.


Manifest, birthed creation.

The created universe including Earth.

Core Themes

Wholeness refers to a state of being complete, unified, or interconnected.

It emphasizes the idea that everything

in existence is interconnected and part

of a larger whole. It encompasses the understanding that individual parts

or elements are interconnected and interdependent, and that they

contribute to the overall functioning

and harmony of a system or entity.

From the cosmic Wholeness to the wholeness an individual feels when their body is integrated and communicating as a whole, in Wholeness.



At its core, life is intricately connected to the concept of waves, which permeate every aspect of the universe. From the vibrations of atoms to the oscillations of celestial bodies, waves are an essential element of the fabric of reality. In a broader context, the concept of the

wave form underpinning life aligns

with the interconnected nature of the universe itself. Modern physics

suggests that everything, at its fundamental level, is composed of

waves or wave-like entities.



Life exists due to relationship. It is relationship that creates, and relationship that heals. Philosopher Martin Buber believed it was in relationship that we become fully human. His "I-Thou" relationship involves a deep and

authentic connection between individuals. In this type of relationship, individuals truly encounter and engage with one another as unique beings, recognizing the inherent value and

worth of the other person.



Applying context in Naio™ refers to the practice of considering and integrating the surrounding circumstances, environmental factors, familial, social and personal experiences when exploring and working with the body. Naio is an approach that emphasizes the unity and wholeness of the individual, focusing on the embodied experience and the interplay between physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts.



The term "matrix" has its origins from Ancient Greek "meter" and Latin, derived from "mater" meaning "mother," the word "matrīx" or "mātrīx," means "womb", "source" or "origin." The concept of a matrix can be associated with the idea of a fertile space or a nurturing environment where things can develop and grow.



Our bodies are home to our subjective living experience. A unique and personal perspective of an individual's firsthand encounters, thoughts, emotions,

and sensations. It encompasses the internal, subjective aspect of one's existence and the way they perceive

and interpret the world.



Individuation is the original and unique expression of undivided wholeness,

of unity that a life form inhabits. Individuation is the one interconnected

to the many in wholeness.

Heraclitus and Bohm both described

their own interpretations, and Jung on the psychological.



Water is an essential component of life and plays a fundamental role in the human body. From the simplest organisms to complex human beings, water is vital for survival and the proper functioning of various biological processes. It is often referred to as the "elixir of life" due to its crucial role in sustaining and maintaining life on Earth.



Light plays a vital role in the human body and is essential for life itself. From the most fundamental processes of energy production to the intricate workings of

our biological systems, light influences and supports numerous aspects of

our existence.



Chaos theory deals with systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions and exhibit unpredictable, seemingly random behavior. Small changes in the initial conditions can lead to significantly different outcomes over time, making long-term predictions difficult. The famous "butterfly effect" is an example

of a non-linear system, where a small change in one part of the system can have large-scale effects elsewhere.



Complex systems theory is a branch

of systems theory that focuses on

the study of complex, nonlinear,

and adaptive systems. It seeks to understand the behavior and properties of systems composed of a large number of interacting components, where the behavior of the system as a whole

cannot be easily predicted by

examining the properties of its

individual components in isolation.



Life is in a constant process of becoming. Of creative evolution. The process of Bodily-being and Becoming.

Universal evolution suggests that complexity and organization can arise

and evolve on cosmic scales and in biological systems. It posits that the universe undergoes a process of continuous change and development, leading to the emergence of increasingly complex structures and phenomena.


The Greek word "soma," meaning "body" or "living organism," encompasses the tangible and corporeal aspects of human existence. In ancient Greek thought,

soma represented the vessel through which experiences, sensations, and

consciousness were expressed. In the field of somatics, which focuses on the embodied experience and the integration of mind and body, the term "soma" refers to the lived experience of the body, its sensations, and its intrinsic wisdom. It encompasses the holistic understanding of the body-mind connection, emphasizing the importance of cultivating awareness and deepening the connection with one's own physical being.



The Imaginal Realm owes its roots to the Mundus Imaginalis. The groundbreaking research and visionary insights of Henry Corbin, a French philosopher, theologian, and scholar

of Islamic mysticism. Corbin dedicated his life to the study and interpretation of mystical traditions, particularly the esoteric teachings of Sufism. Drawing upon the works of Islamic philosophers such as Ibn Arabi, Corbin synthesized

a profound understanding of the imaginal realm and its connection to the human spiritual journey.



A neologism coined by William Scanner in study with Aboriginal Peoples to communicate an indigenous conception of time as a cyclical, circular order where past, present, future are interconnected now. It is the eternal present. In Everywhen temporality everything that ever happened is alive still in the eternal present and all potential events can unfold also. All that has ever happened is happening now and will continue to happen. All events that have been and will be, are enfolded within the ongoing process of now. A correspondence could be seen with David Bohm's enfolded and unfolded order. Everywhen reflects a deep relationship with the Cosmic flux of life, and sacredness of creation..


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As a somatic practice NAIO offers a pathway for individuals to cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with their bodies, fostering self-awareness, healing, and personal growth.


Subjective lived experience refers to the first-person, personal, and individual perspective through which individuals perceive, interpret, and make sense of the world around them.


Wholeness is a concept that refers to a state of being complete, unified, or interconnected.

It emphasizes the idea that everything in existence is interconnected.........

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