What to expect from a session

Collaboration with Wholeness & Health

Your NAIO™ Practitioner will ask about your health history and what you may wish to focus on in your session.

You could decide together whether to work on a mat, floor, sitting, standing or a massage table.

One to one sessions in NAIO™ are received fully clothed. Practitioners in gentle meditative open awareness apply compassionate listening touch that supports sensory development, movement and self-awareness.

The founder of NAIO™, Prue Jeffries, MSME/T spent life in the water immersed in the natural world – as a surfer and water-person. From young, Prue kept alive her openness to creativity and the transpersonal. Her personal experiences inspired her to delve into existentialism, philosophy, phenomenology, metaphysics and more when young. As one of the world’s best professional surfers, she created an experiential and multi-field approach inspired by personal, mainstream, and holistic influences for wellness and performance. NAIO™ originated from her personal experiences and approach to supporting people informed by water, the body, and nature, and refined by ongoing studies and teaching in well-being approaches over the last 30 years.


Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a practice that involves training the mind to focus and redirect thoughts, leading to a state of mental clarity and emotional calm.

Exploring Somatics

Somatics is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses movement, therapy, and embodied awareness.


Wholeness is a concept that refers to a state of being complete, unified, or interconnected.

Benefits of Somatic Practices

Somatic practices encompass

a range of approaches and techniques that focus on the embodied experience.

Affiliated and Collaborative Organizations

NAIO International is a member of the following organizations

Our program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Our graduates meet all requirements to become Registered Somatic Movement Educators (RSME) and Therapist (RSMT).