Definition of NAIO™

NAIO™ is a holistic awareness process using somatic education principles to support well-being. Our personal selves are a microcosm of a macrocosm, a vast cosmic plenum of creative flow. A dynamic wholeness in flux, permeated by an ordering principle, an Open Order. As the earth itself, we are water-based life, in a process of Physis, Ancient Greek for Being and Becoming. The flow of life is a continuous process of becoming, made explicit through our biology; that is the earth, nature and our bodies. Open Order can be conceived as a Matrix, with emergent coherent ordering, that is the bodily expression of being, implicit within the becoming. NAIO™ supports awareness and engagement with this process.

NAIO Practitioners procure open awareness and compassionate connection. They use gentle touch to guide clients' engagement of their experiential and sensory capacities. This supports awareness of the polyrhythmic and varietal movements of life - organizing, conducting and maintaining lived experience. The movements are often non-linear, spiral, wave, circular, pulsing, undulating, fluctuating and effulgent. People often encounter a sense of innate flow, spaciousness, relaxation and harmony.

NAIO™ supports movement awareness, self-awareness, self-regulation, co-regulation, creativity, resourcing, reorganizing, and renewal which the underlying flow of life orchestrates.

The trained practitioner has refined their capacity for self-regulation and coherency. They have developed their capacity for listening and attuning to themselves and their clients. They procure Open Awareness. At the same time, they acknowledge the interdependent nature of our existence, and any conditional forces occurring. They honor their client as a sentient being with multi-dimensional experience such as the transpersonal, the imaginary and symbolic, the inter and transgenerational, cultural, emotional, spiritual, physical, and more.

NAIO™ is a way to orient with the immanent ground substrate of existence and engage the generative living processes that support a greater sense of well-being.


NAIO's purpose is to support a sense of wellness, unity and wholeness of self and interconnection, which can contribute to an improved quality of life experience. The use of gentle touch and movement awareness supports self-awareness, self-regulation, co-regulation, creativity, resourcing, reorganizing, integration and renewal which the underlying flow of life intelligently orchestrates.


i) NAIO™ is a holistic awareness and somatic education process. Practitioners know the limits of their professional competence and do not go beyond these boundaries. They use the Naio™ process within the scope of their training, background, current licensing and credentialing. 

ii) The NAIO™ Practitioners’ role is one of collaboration with their clients. NAIO™ Practitioners provide guidance to fully clothed clients through gentle touch and verbal support of their clients' processes.

iii) NAIO Practitioners are educated in anatomy and physiology. They do not treat disease or diagnose conditions, or carry an attitude of fixing.

Their education and understanding of the body and biological process of life means they can support various health situations in their clients.

NAIO™ is however a process that supports and co-operates with the underlying health and wellbeing of life. Practitioners can also collaborate with and/or refer to other health professionals if warranted. Practitioners realize they are a part of each clients unique multi-disciplinary approach that supports their well-being.

iv) NAIO Practitioners listen with open awareness to the movements and the coherent polyrhythmic expressions of life within their clients - they can recognize and acknowledge any incoherent rhythms, chronic or habitual patterns of movement, inertia or holding or constrictions and imbalances within the clients bodily tissues, perceptions and relationship with their environment, whilst maintaining their own sense of flow, coherency, spaciousness and wholeness. In this way the client's natural life wisdom, implicate wholeness emerges and dynamically orchestrates any corrections, resolutions and integration. 

v) The process of touch and gentle guidance is supportive of refining perceptual, kinesthetic, proprioceptive, interoceptive and exteroceptive sensitivity that supports a sense of self regulation, co-regulation, and neuroplasticity.

vi) Being and becoming as Bodily-Being (physis) is an emerging process that is home to a subjective living experience which is evolving in unity with all life.

vii) The physical, emotional, the imaginary and symbolic, the cultural, the primordial, ancestral, collective and cosmic are expressed in and are expressions of biological processes and subjective living experience. Practitioners acknowledge and support these processes, thoughtfully and gently facilitate the client to integrate these expressions as aspects of life awareness that can support a person's capacity to experience the wholeness, vitality and greater meaning and enjoyment of life. NAIO Practitioners refer to appropriate professionals when it's clear a process needs support that is beyond their scope or the client is in need of a different approach.

Affiliated and Collaborative Organizations

NAIO International is a member of the following organizations

Our program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). Our graduates meet all requirements to become Registered Somatic Movement Educators (RSME) and Therapist (RSMT).